Hearing Impairment is an often overlooked issue, and for a majority of Americans it’s something they may deal with daily. Once your hearing is damaged, it’s not something that is regenerative. There are devices that can aid to boost your damaged hearing, but nothing that can bring it back to its original state. With that being said, if you do already have any form of hearing impairments there are three variations that you should know about. By narrowing down which one you have, it may help prevent any further damage so you can get the help you need.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Your ears process sound as actual pressure. It can be measured in decibels. If it was a low pressure, it measn the longer you can listen to it due to it having no effect on your hearing. If it’s too high you have to be aware so damage doesn’t take place. Once your the tiny hairs inside your cochlea are destroyed, you can’t regenerate them. The following are other causes as well:

Auto-immune diseases
Explosions or gunshots
Meniere’s disease
Feeling of vertigo
Issues hearing high pitched voices
Difficulties listening in sport arenas, bars, train stations, construction sites
Unfortunately at this time, there is no current surgical or medical method to repair the tiny hair like cells. Although, they can be treated with hearing aids or cochlear implants depending on the severity of your hearing. The solution may not be the best, but there is always an answer if you are truly looking for it.

Conductive Hearing Loss
This is a much less common form of hearing loss that specifically affects the outer or middle ear, usually if there is damage or an obstruction impacting it. If this is the case, hearing impairment is created by the loss of conduction to the inner ear. The causes can be split into which part of the ear is affected, the outer or middle:

Wax impaction
Otitis externa (aka known as swimmer’s ear)
Narrowing of the ear canal
Bone-shaped extensions that develop inside your ear canal. This can cause blockages
Abnormal tumors or growths that form within the middle ear, such as glomus tumors or cholesteatoma.
Break in the connection between the bones of the middle ear, caused by heavy trauma or an injury
Blockages where your ear tubes connects the middle ear to the back of the throat and nose
Due to your auditory nerve and sensitive inner ear are still intact, individuals with conductive hearing loss won’t have issues with the clarity of sounds per se, but the overall loudness of them. Usually a quick fix for these individuals is turning up the volume on the TV or radio. The following is a quick list of symptoms:

Difficulty or frustration with telephone conversations
A feeling that one’s own voice sounds louder or different
For this type of hearing loss, there are potential medical or surgical treatments to restore your hearing. If it is an impaction of ear wax for example, then obviously it can be removed and be resolved with antibiotics. For abnormalities, like exostoses or stenosis of the ear canal a more permanent solution would be assistive hearing devices for long term use.

Mixed Hearing Loss
This type of hearing loss is fairly self-explanatory. It’s a mixture of either of the aforementioned types of hearing loss. The causes normally occur if there is some form of major trauma to the ear. Also, it can happen over time due to one hearing loss being compounded by another one.

The symptoms will be a combination of the two listed previously in this article.

The treatment will directly depend on if the hearing loss is sensorineural or conductive in nature. As talked about previously, conductive usually has medical or surgical treatments while sensorineural directly depends on hearing aids/listening devices as a solution.

What Can AXIL Do For Me?
When it’s all said and done, us here at AXIL want to offer you the best for you and your personal needs. We offer a wide array of options that can help boost the hearing loss you may unfortunately have. Living with a hearing impairment can be irritating and disheartening if you weren’t expecting. Try to be as vigilant as possible in order to keep the hearing you still have.

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