Extreme Edge Electronic Ear Protection


Extreme Edge Electronic Ear Protection - Extreme Edge™ gives you the most advanced hearing and sound quality available- inside of the smallest, most invisible in-the-ear device you can find. Most ear canals will completely hide the Extreme Edge making it virtually invisible from the outside.

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Full 360° Surround Sound for any professional or recreational hearing environment. You’ll be able to hear the outdoors clearly, while simultaneously protecting your hearing from any damaging loud sounds you may be around. Whether you have normal hearing to severe hearing loss, these will outperform any hearing device available costing 2-4X our Consumer Direct Pricing.

SmartFIT™ Hearing Test & Programmer compatible. Read about SmartFIT™ here.


Perfect for Normal Hearing, Daily Wear and Hearing Loss, Plus Outdoor and Indoor Activities of All Types, Stadium Events, Tactical, Auto Racing, Shooting, Hunting, Concerts, Musicians, Night Clubs, Industrial, Construction, Motorcycling, General Conversation, TV and more.


  • AudiCORE 4.0™ 100% Digital Sound Processing (DSP)
  • Digital Sound Compression (DSC) Hearing Protection™
  • Custom Fit, Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells
  • Manual Volume Control
  • Custom Standard uses #10 Hearing Aid Battery, Custom Full Shell uses #312 Hearing Aid Battery
  • Virtually Invisible in most ear canals
  • Tap Volume Feature allows you to tap your hearing device to change to different loudness levels


Hearing/Sound Enhancement

The AudiCORE 4.0™ offers you a step up in clarity and overall hearing/sound performance.

You’ll have more hearing capacity and greater hearing clarity for all your activities.

Tunable to your environments for your best hearing performance.

Read more on our AudiCore™ Hearing Technology.

Hearing Protection

You’ll have peace of mind every time in loud environments with our AudiCore™ technology to automatically compress all loud sounds to safe levels allowing you to protect your hearing from permanent hearing loss, damage and pain.

Read more on our AudiCore™ Hearing Technology.


  • 42-70 dB Gain/Amplification (Based on hearing loss)
  • 4 Memory Push button for Different LIstening Environments or Volume Levels
  • Programmable and Re-Programmable to your exact hearing preference / need
  • Effective in Wind
  • Top of the Line Background Noise Filtering
  • Top of the Line Whistle/Feedback Cancellation
  • Liquify™ Waterproofing (Optional)
  • Custom Fit Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells

Additional Features

  • Manual Volume Control
  • Push button Memory Listening
  • Custom Standard uses #10 Hearing Aid Battery, Custom Full Shell uses #312 Hearing Aid Battery
  • Easy to use and remove

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AudiCore™ Hearing Performance Technology

AXIL AudiCore™ Hearing Performance technology is constantly evolving in the most advanced science(s) of digital hearing technology. Our AudiCore™ Digital Processing Circuitry converts sound waves of all types into actual digital code. AudiCore™ circuitry then reshapes the digital code and sends it to the miniaturized receiver (speaker). The receiver/speaker recreates a whole new sound based on the recalculations of the digital algorithms within the circuitry.

4.0- AudiCORE™ 4.0 delivers the most wide range, full sound experience available- no matter where you are or what your hearing needs may be. Experience rich, full sound across the entire sound spectrum with additional clear high fidelity emphasis. Supports any level of hearing loss you have and gain requirements your AXIL device will need. AC 4.0 offers the most cutting-edge Background Noise Layered Filtering, Adaptive Feedback Management and Tinnitus Masking technologies in the world.

AC 4.0 Offers Rapidfire™ Digital Compression (RFDC) to give you the most advanced multi-attack response time possible. You’ll be able to enter the most aggressive sound environments of any kind- knowing you have the hearing protection to adjust automatically and keep up with any demands you put on it. RapidFire™easily and automatically handles the loudest noises from all angles and several sound points to give you the maximum protection every time.

AC 4.0 RapidFire™ is the only microprocessor to handle hearing protection in a unique way; only cutting out loud sounds over 85 dB without affecting the sounds coming through under 85 dB. No more interruption of sound when you need it most.

AC 4.0 is Our Top of the Line Technology.

Liquify™ Waterproofing (Optional)

AXIL has introduced and continues to lead the way in internal waterproofing. Traditional methods use cumbersome rubber pieces internally to keep moisture and water out. These wear out and are inefficient from the start.

Our Liquify™ process utilizes a patented liquid technology sealing all internal components for total waterproofing.

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All AXIL products come with a 30 day return policy. To return a product call (866) 422 5502. All items must be in original condition. Custom products are subject to a minimum restocking fee of 10% of the purchase price. Damaged or missing product will not be reimbursed. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Customers will be reimbursed in the same manner as the original purchase within 30 days of receipt.

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