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Open 30 BTE Electronic Ear Protection


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The Open Series have the ability to enhance and protect. Whether you participate in hunting, shooting, or other loud activities that can potentially increase your hearing problems, these devices are adaptable to you.

If you want hearing protection you simply change to the included foam tips. Sounds above 85 dB are automatically suppressed digitally, while 27 dB of hearing protection is offered by the foam tips. All while still being able to hear through the digital enhancement provided by the Open 30.

The Open 30s use digital and natural sounds to enhance your hearing. Clear acoustic tips allow natural sounds through; the device provides digital enhancement for any sounds you can’t hear naturally.

We use medical grade, non-allergenic polymer to make the Open 30s. They are comfortable, discreet, and additionally water resistant.

  • Low-profile Design
  • High Fidelity Digital Sound
  • 30 dB of Volume Enhancement
  • Digitally Compresses Noise Over 85 dB
  • 27 dB Noise Reduction Rating (with Foam Tips)

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