SmartFIT Hearing Test & Programmer


Now you can test your hearing, Auto-fit your new hearing instruments, fine-tune your hearing instruments when you want and re-test your hearing and start all over any time you choose. You can also take this programmer anywhere to program your instruments to the exact environment (i.e. restaurant, etc.) or voice range you need to hear. Revolutionary in scope and application, now you can have the freedom you need to take control of your hearing today for your exact preference. Look on each hearing instrument model to see if it’s SmartFIT™ compatible.

Customize Your SmartFIT Hearing Test & Programmer

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SmartFIT™ Hearing Test & Programmer is revolutionary idea in the works since 2008, from a team of the best innovators, doctors, audiologist and engineers in the world of hearing and sound. Our vision has been to bring the power of the traditional hearing clinic and place it in the palm of your hand. ClearFlex is the World’s First handheld hearing tester and programmer- allowing you to take full control of your hearing today. Truly revolutionary in its scope and application.

Now you can test your hearing, Auto-fit your own hearing instruments, fine-tune your new hearing instruments and make future adjustments to them any time you choose. All in the comfort of your own home without costly and timely visits to a clinic and for a fraction of the cost of top of the line hearing technology. All this within about 5 minutes of your time! (of course you may spend a bit more time getting it set up the first time). Compare for yourself and see how you can outperform hearing instruments costing upwards of $7,000 from the palm of your hand.

You can take this little programmer anywhere you want to program your hearing instruments to the exact level you want it to be at in a noisy environment, for specific voice ranges and pitches and more.

Background Noise

Adjust the background noise levels to your preference in seconds from the palm of your hand.

Feedback Cancellation

Tone down any feedback in your device in seconds to set it to the best level. Then forget it and wear your hearing instruments anywhere you choose, knowing you have them set perfectly.

Hearing Protection

You can choose the selection of hearing protection you need and assign it to each memory you program.

Tinnitus Masking

You can turn the Tinnitus Masker on or off and choose the desired level of masking as you prefer.


SmartFIT™ gives you the ultimate hearing performance for your life; Test, Program and Fine-tune your hearing as you choose as often as you choose without timely and costly trips to the local hearing center. You can complete this within minutes inside of your own home. Hearing great has never been so easy and efficient as with the ALL NEW SmartFIT™ technology.


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