Got my 360’s last summer and have been totally satisfied with their fit and performance. John is my consultant there and he’s been a great help. Professional, knowledgeable, and all around nice guy. Had my 360’s in for service and with an appointment it went smooth and really fast. In and out. I’m lucky enough to live within a 20 minute drive away. VA gave me some good hearing aids but had no ear protection from loud noise like, shooting, mowing the lawn, and using electric saws, they’re all covered. I got a pair of 360’s and couldn’t be happier. For those that don’t get that warm a fuzzy before or even after, give it time. The fit and feel takes a while and generally getting used to them can be a little challenging but, what in life isn’t. If you’ll give them an honest chance, they’ll work for you. Lost most of my hearing in Nam, jumping out of planes, and probably a bunch more playing in bands (wish I had them then). With my 360’s I’ve got my hearing with all the frequencies back. The white noise it injects for tinnitis works to a point. It does work but for me it isn’t a cure. My wife has a pair for the 360’s also and she’s having a hard time adjusting to them so, John said to bring them in and they’ll put the guts in a behind the ear devices and try that. Like I said, great service and support. If you want your hearing back or just protected from all environments, give ’em a try….D

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