I am a competitive shotgun shooter and my digital hearing muffs were not cutting it any longer. After researching available options, I contacted Sport Ear(Axil) to discuss options on their Custom 360 product. Although not cheap @$2100 a pair, the functionality outweighed the cost. From the first step in the ordering process to the finished product in my hand, customer service with top-notch. The real magic came when I first wore my Custom 360’s…Wow! I had no idea how much hearing I’d lost over a career flying fighters and a life long pursuit of hunting and shooting. Music has come alive again, I hear entire conversations, and the hearing protection is perfect. The Sport Ear Custom 360 is a investment I urge any shooter, hunter, and sportsman to do. On top of all of the preceding, the Custom 360’s are made right here in America by American craftsmen and technicians!

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