I called SportEar initially intending only to gather more information on other options for hearing protection but was so impressed with their detailed description of their numerous products and that I bought my Custom 360s from them on the spot. After I made the purchase I asked if I could have the hearing protection in time for an upcoming match. The salesman said he would do whatever he could to ensure I was able to get them in time and even offered to ship them overnight at their expense to see that I got them on time. The first time out with my new Custom Edge 360s I wore them 10-12 hours each day over a five day period. I was totally satisfied with their function and they were so comfortable that I almost forgot I had them in. I have since started to wear them whenever I am in my woodshop or doing any home repair job just in case I want to use a power tool or have a loud impact with a hammer or something else. They are that effective and that comfortable. I highly recommend SportEar as a company and also highly recommend the Custom Edge 360 devices. They are expensive but worth every single penny. I only wish I had gotten them sooner.

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