I used my new Ghost Stryke Essentials for the first time yesterday. I have to say that I’m very impressed.

The sound dampening was very good. I normally wear ear plugs and Peltor Tactical 100 electronic muffs. The sound dampening wasn’t quite as good as my normal setup, but the Axil plugs definitely kept the sound levels to a comfortable level.

It took me a little bit to realize that I needed to turn down the volume on the plugs because the ventilation fan sounded like a plane taking off. I finally settled on level 2 of 6, six being the loudest, and was very comfortable with the sound level for the whole night.

The Axil plugs really excelled over the Peltor muffs in the sound cutoff category. I’m able to hear the Peltor muffs shut off and slowly turn back on to amplification. The transition from cutoff to amplification was seamless with the Axil plugs.

The Axil plugs were much more comfortable than the Peltor muffs. Usually, I can’t wait to take off my Peltor muffs at the end of the night. I wore the Axil plugs for almost 5 hours, with one short break, and felt no discomfort all night.

I also like that the Axil plugs are rechargeable. They are supposed to be good for 12 hours. I can’t comment if they will make it 12 hours, but they went 5 hours without any issues.

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