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  • Custom Edge 360 Electronic Ear Protection

    Over the years I've tried everything from traditional electronic ear muffs to good 'ol ear plugs. Muffs would get too hot in the summer, and while teaching I wasn't able to fully connect with students because the ear plugs prevented me from fully hearing them. In comes the AXIL Custom 360's. In all my years of being in the military as well as teaching in the private sector, nothing compares to the comfort and reliability these provide. Whether shooting, offroading, or at a concert you'll forget these are even there with the comfort and audio boost they provide.

    - Ian Strimbeck

  • Ghost Stryke Essential

    As a competitive shooter, and firearms instructor, I have to have hearing protection that works, is affordable and most importantly comfortable for LONG periods of time. These are IT! I’ve tried regular muffs, electronic muffs, plugs with a combination of both. Nothing touches these. I’ve left a match before and forgot hey we’re in. The 1 1/2 hour charge will last all day! I’ve forgotten to charge them, plugged the charger in from the car on the way and had plenty of charge to last. I would strongly recommend this product.

    - Kevin Baker

  • Custom Edge 360 Electronic Ear Protection

    I am VERY happy with my Custom 360's... I was under the impression that they would be good, they would help separate out some of the harsh noises that we hear while hunting and while in the field... But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they cut out a lot of background noise while driving my side by side... I was still able to hear the passengers fine... They are not just good... They are WAY good! If you shoot a lot, or even just hunt a lot, these ears are for you... They will impress you, just like they impressed me... 

    - Jeff Hansen

  • Digital Ear Pro™ I

    These are awesome! I have wanted Digital hearing enhancement for a long time, but couldn't spend $2,000+.
    My hearing is normal, so I just needed good sound enhancement with protection. I have been able to use these great on my construction job and shooting on the weekends. Thanks for giving me an affordable option on such a great product. Great job, AXIL- keep it up!

    - John Mathews

  • Extreme Edge Electronic Ear Protection

    These are my first set of custom fit ear protection. I’ve used everything from the cheap yellow foamies to ComTac’s. Some work better than others and some at the end of a long day of training are just painful to wear. These fit tight and secure and even feel like they enhance your hearing in certain situations like hunting. Whether I’m in a training class or out on a hunt I can wear these all day and almost forget I’m wearing them. Certainly wish I had got them sooner!

    - Robin

  • Custom Edge 60 Electronic Ear Protection

    My SportEAR Custom 60's allowed me to hear buffalo stomach noises in brush so thick we couldn’t see them. In fact, they kept me from stepping on a Puff Adder because I was able to hear the snake before I saw it.

    - Dale

  • Custom Edge 90 Electronic Ear Protection

    Took these down to FrontSight firearms training last month and used these the whole time. I did a 2 day handgun course and they were perfect for shooting all day long. I could here the instructor great as well without having to take them out, push any buttons or change any settings. I just put them in my ear and they went all day long both days. i love how they quiet the gunshots and how i can hear people speak at the same time. I can also turn them down when annoying people are talking to me , great product!

    - Greg J.

  • Extreme Edge Electronic Ear Protection

    I absolutely love my SportEar Extremes. I can hear again and they work amazing when using them as hearing protection at hand gun and 3 gun competitions. I wear them all day every day and they are very comfortable, I often forget that I’m wearing them. Their customer service is excellent, especially Stephanie who went over and above to make sure that I was thoroughly satisfied with my SportEar experience.

    - Glenn Fannin

  • Custom Edge 360 Electronic Ear Protection

    I have been shooting precision rifle matches for about 4 years. I have always had problems with my cheek weld breaking the seal on my hearing protection (muffs). I started wearing one plug in my right ear and muffs on my left ear, with the seal broken. I needed the amplified sound because I have hearing loss. The Custom Edge have been a gream come true for me! I absolutely can not imagine going back to my old set up!

    - Janae Frehner

  • Ghost Stryke Essential

    I Just got my AXIL Ghost Stryke Essential in the mail on Saturday. I took them out the box and the first thing I did was read over them and the see how they worked. The thing I did was to fit test the diffident tips that come with the ghost stryke essential. I tried between the ultra soft foam tips to the silicone tips but for my use the soft foam tips will help my hearing protection needs. I turn them on and they were ready to go out of the box. I had a tree fall down in my yard. I when and got my chain saw out as I put in my Ghost stryke essential and I went to work on that tree. The hearing protection and enhancement was amazing not only did they protect my hearing but I was able to hear my neighbor clear as day calling out to me to stop and talk with her about the tree. She wanted to know how I was going to clear up the tree and what I was going to do with the wood.

    - Will Eaddy

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