Why Axil|SportEar?
AXIL is the result of a 60-year legacy in helping people hear better and protect their hearing. AXIL has evolved from two companies in the past: SportEAR- the leader in premium hearing performance and the Harris Hearing Group- A regional leader in hearing aid clinics.

AXIL owns its own US-based manufacturing. We only use technology in our premium hearing line developed by ourselves or our strategic partners- who are the number one technology leaders in the world of hearing and sound.

Our consumer direct model will save you thousands of dollars- usually more than 60% OFF traditional hearing aid prices. We always use the most advanced digital hearing aid circuitry inside of every device we manufacture. Guaranteed to get you hearing better than the $8,000 hearing aids and for a fraction of the cost.

AXIL is the only company on the planet who gives you a year to exchange to any other device to make sure you have been fit with the right hearing instrument for you. This is unparalleled and unheard of in the hearing aid industry. Our total commitment is to get you hearing your best.

Is AXIL a US Based Company?

Yes. AXIL has always been located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. We also have strategic operations in Florida, Hong Kong & Netherlands.


Where is AXIL Located?

AXIL Headquarters are located at:
120 E 13065 S STE 203

Draper, UT 84020
How Long has Axil Been in Business?
Over 60 years. AXIL is a rebranding of combining two brands: SportEAR- established in 2000 & the Harris Hearing Group- established in 1958. The AXIL brand was introduced as the new parent brand in 2012.
How Many Locations Does Axil Have?
AXIL sells to the entire world from its headquarters in Salt Lake City. We sell to sporting good retailers, mass chain retailers and hearing clinics worldwide. Our other operational locations are for manufacturing purposes only.


What are the Advantages of Hearing Enhancement & Protection At The Same Time?
Most people realize the problems in today’s world of plugging your ears off and not being able to maintain good hearing. Whether it’s shooting, hunting, construction, concerts, mechanics, auto racing, mining, industrial, manufacturing, motorcycles and so many more applications- we need to be able to hear while protecting our ears.

AXIL has developed the most advanced electronics and 100% digital technology to create a superior product offering that will simultaneously enhance your hearing to your desired level- whether you have normal hearing or hearing loss- and protect your hearing at the same time.

Thanks to modern technology, you can go anywhere and hear what you want to hear while simultaneously blocking out damaging loud sounds. You can be in the worst sound environments and tune all the harsh sounds out while letting in the desirable sounds and even turning them up as you choose, thus allowing you to enjoy your hearing while preserving it.

How will these help me in the outdoors?
Imagine being in the mountains and hearing elk bugling or deer grunting from a mile away. Hearing geese from far away coming on you. All the sounds of nature will come in through perfect stereo surround sound and sound better than ever as with AXIL hearing performance products.

You will also have the automatic shut off of any loud gunfire or other noises that would otherwise be damaging to your hearing, thereby allowing you to fully enjoy your hearing and experience in the outdoors.

If you have mild to severe hearing loss, AXIL hearing performance products will literally give years back to your hearing.

How will these help me in my daily life?
You can use these for your daily life as much or little as you prefer. If you need hearing help every day, use this all day long every day of the week. If you work in an environment where you need to hear and protect, you can use them there as you need.

These are ultra-comfortable and very high performing and are perfect for daily wear.

Ear plugs, Ear muffs, Digital Ear Pro & Hearing Aids with Protection - What do I need now?
Our entire line of ear plugs, ear muffs, digital hearing enhancement and protection and hearing aids with protection are based on two simple concepts; first, allowing you to maintain or enhance your valuable hearing while having simultaneous hearing protection- at the same time.

Secondly, getting all the best applications for the ear into one device that fits comfortably in your ears.

Look carefully at our new line and comparison charts to see how advanced new technology make and determine your best needs

What applications can I use these for?
Daily use


Industrial/Construction/Power Tools/Mechanics

Auto Racing/Tractors/Machinery

Concerts/Stadium Events

And many more…

Can I use these as hearing aids if I have hearing loss?

The Model 60, 90 and 360 are designed with the very best medical grade hearing aid technology inside. These will outperform $5,000-8,000 hearing aids.

You can use these for hearing aids every day as most of our customers for these models do.


How durable are these? How long will they last?
The AXIL product line is used of medical grade components and built for the outdoors. They offer excellent durability if you take reasonable care for them. They usually last 6-8 years
Where can I purchase AXIL|SportEAR custom products?
Order Online Today

Visit Us at a Tradeshow Near You

Call Us for an Independent Rep or Retailer Near You. (866) 422-5502

How long does it take to custom manufacture my new AXIL|SportEAR custom devices?
Once we receive your ear molds, it will take 4-5 weeks to custom manufacture your new AXIL|SportEAR devices and send them back out to you.


How Does the AXIL Dual Technology Allow You to Hear & Protect At The Same Time™?
Modern 100% Digital technology actually converts physical sound waves into digital code- 0’ & 1’s. We then program the digital circuits through advanced computer software. The circuit sends information to the speaker in the device and the speaker recreates a whole new sound to what the circuit told it to, thereby making soft to normal sounds more audible and louds sounds dramatically limited- giving you the perfect hearing for your needs.
Which Level of Technology is Right for Me?
The main considerations here are as follows:

How often will you use this?

Do you have normal hearing or hearing loss?

What is the severity of your hearing loss?

What type of environments will you be using this in?

Are you using this for professional or recreational or hearing aid purposes or all the above?

If you use these recreationally, then the Digital EAR PRO Line or the Model 60 will be excellent and handle everything you need.

If you have hearing loss or are a professional who will be using this often, then the Custom 360 is most popular and the Custom 90 is next to it.

Each time you go up in price, the main improvements you will get will be as follows:

Greater sound quality

More power to enhance your hearing

Better programmability/re-programmability for best fine-tuning

More advanced background reduction technology

More advanced feedback/whistle reduction technology

Due to our Consumer Direct Pricing Model, the best advice is to decide between the Professional Series and the Digital Ear Pro Line, then buy the nicest product you can within the specific series. The best product you can get will always give you the best hearing and overall satisfaction.

The 5 Most Important Features for You!

These are the 5 most important features you need in your devices. Make sure you get the best you can.

  1. Sound Quality
  2. Power Level
  3. Programmability & Re-programmability
  4. Background Noise Reduction
  5. Whistle/Wind Reduction Technology


What are Channels & Bands?
A channel is an independent amplifier within the digital circuit. This allows a specific frequency range to go through it and be amplified accordingly. When you have multiple channels inside a circuit, you can specify and isolate the various frequency ranges and pass them through separate channels/amplifiers to give you more control over the sound enhancement and a cleaner sound quality.

A band is basically an equalizer band, like on a home stereo, where you can fine-tune the sound more precisely inside of each independent amplifier through multiple internal equalizer bands.

How Does Programmable/Reprogrammable Technology Work?
With the introduction of digital technology, we can use computer software to communicate with the digital circuit inside your devices. This allows us to program them through channels and bands to enhance sound according to your preference or your hearing loss- as you prefer.

Digital technology has changed the way the world hears, making each device to perform according to the customer’s exact needs and wants.

How Do I Get My Custom AXIL Devices Programmed/Reprogrammed?
Simply send them to our address above with your latest hearing test and list of preferences for how you want it programmed. We will make those adjustments quickly and get it turned around within 3-5 days and back out to you.
How Does Background Noise Reduction Technology Work?
AXIL hearing technology uses advanced algorithms to detect sound patterns in any environment you are in. These algorithms will then detect background/ambient noise patterns and minimize them while automatically enhancing speech sound patterns.
How Does Feedback/Whistle Cancellation Work?
Advanced algorithms within the circuit automatically detect any whistle or feedback in the hearing device and attack it instantaneously to cancel out the feedback in the device. The more advanced the circuit, the more advanced this technology is.
Are These Bluetooth?
For general products, look for the Bluetooth mark on each product.

If you need hearing aids with protection and Bluetooth, call one of our Hearing Health Professionals today and we can get the perfect product for you with the hearing protection you need.

Custom Fitting


How Do I Get Custom Fit for My New AXIL|SportEAR Devices?

Once you place your order, we will contact you to set an appointment at a local clinic near you for you to get impressions of your ears.

Then send your ear impressions/ear molds with a copy of your order to:


120 E 13065 S STE 203
Draper, UT 84020
How Do I Get Impressions of My Ears Taken and Sent to AXIL?
Once you have your impressions/ear molds, then send them with a copy of your order to:

12397 S. 300 E. Ste. 100
Salt Lake City, UT 840

Are They Comfortable?
Yes. Custom-fit products give you the greatest comfort and are perfect for daily or occasional wear.
Will They Stay Secure in My Ears and Not Fall Out?
Custom-fit products are the best for staying in your ear no matter how active you are as they capture the perfect shape in your ear and hold in accordingly.
Will I Need Adjustments on My Custom Fit Product?
Most of the time, we get the fit and sound right the first time. Sometimes, you may need to send it in a time or two at most to have the fit and hearing performance adjusted. If adjustments need to be made please contact customer service for future instructions. also the turn around is 3-5 business days.
How Do I Get Adjustments, If Needed?
If adjustments need to be made please contact customer service for future instructions. also the turn around is 3-5 business days.

Normal Hearing

Why Would I Want Hearing Enhancement If I Have Normal Hearing?
Hearing enhancement is definitely not for hearing loss only. Many people have discovered the tremendous value of being to increase their hearing-even over normal hearing- to their desired level of hearing for maximum hearing advantage in life and the outdoors. Imagine hearing all the best sounds of life in full stereo surround sound.
What Do I Need to Know About Hearing Protection so I Can Preserve My Hearing Throughout My Lifetime?
  • Go here and watch our 3D animation video now.
Which is the Right Product for Me if I Have Normal Hearing?
If you use these recreationally and only once in a while, then the Digital Ear Pro I is the best choice for you. If you use these more frequently, then the extra sound clarity and volume will make the Digital EAR PRO II the best choice for you best satisfaction.
Which Products Are the Most Popular for Normal Hearing?
The new custom-fit Digital Ear Pro Series has quickly become the most popular for people normal hearing and the GhostStryke products are the next most popular.

Hearing Protection

How Do Loud Sounds Damage My Hearing?
Check out our 3D animation showing exactly what happens here:

Loud sounds will enter your ear canal and pass through your ear drum and into your inner ear. Your inner ear comprises mainly of a cochlea- one for each ear. This cochlea is small and snail-like in its looks. Inside this cochlea resides 35,000-45,000 hair-like nerve endings. Each nerve ending gets bent down as sound waves enter the ear, thus triggering an electrical response from the inner ear up to the brain.

These nerves are like ‘strings on a piano’. The longer and thicker the nerve, the lower the tone it produces. The shorter and thinner the nerve, the higher the tone it produces. Thus, the shorter and thinner nerves are most easily damaged through loud sounds entering the ear. They become worn out, broken or otherwise damaged and just don’t respond to sound waves like they used. They require greater stimulation to get the response out of them that’s needed.

What is the NRR on the Products?
You can find the dB NRR on each product on its individual page. The general range of NRR on all hearing protection products in the world range from 5-30 dB. The higher the number, the greater level of protection.

Hearing Loss

What Causes Hearing Loss?
Go here and watch our 3D animation video now
How Fast Will My Hearing Deteriorate Once Loss Begins?
Deterioration varies on a number of things like how often are you exposed to loud noises and the intensity of the loud noises you are around. Other factors include overall health condition, genetics, stress, diet, etc. Do all you can to live a healthy, lifestyle managing your stress and getting sufficient exercise for your optimal health and then do all you can to protect your hearing against loud noises. Your ears will thank you for years to come and the benefits will be great!

Most of the time, when someone gets hearing loss, it will plateau and experience modest changes about every three to four years. Have your hearing tested every two years to stay on top of its progression.

Will These Correct My Hearing?
Hearing aids cannot fix or correct your hearing loss. They can simply make up for the hearing your missing, by turning specific sounds up making them louder and easier for you to hear.

Any claims saying they can restore your hearing are false and illegal as it simply does not happen, unless in the event of recovery from an accident or illness.

Which is the Right Product for Me if I Have Hearing Loss?
The Custom 360 or 90 will be the best if you need protection with it most of the time. If you only need hearing protection on it sometimes and the rest of the time want it for a daily hearing aid, then the Open 360 or 90 will be best as you can change the tips and make them even more comfortable for daily wear, as they leave the ear canal unplugged and open- making them more comfortable for daily wear. Open ear technology is the most popular in the world for daily wear.
Which Products Are the Most Popular?
Daily Wear- the Open Series 360 or 90 are the most popular for daily wear as they leave the ear unplugged and natural feeling. Great for mild-moderately severe hearing loss.

Daily Wear for severe hearing loss- The Custom 360 or 90 or a RIC 360 or 90 with max power will be the best for you as they all will seal your ear canal off to hold the power into your ear canal as they need to boosting your hearing as much as possible for your best results.

Shooting and constant hearing protection needs with hearing amplification- The Custom 360 and 90 are our most popular when you need hearing protection combined into your hearing aids constantly.


Will These Help with My Tinnitus?
Digital hearing aids will give a slight ‘on sound’ that will mask some to all of the tinnitus/ringing in your ears for most people.
Do They Have Technology to Mask Out Tinnitus?
The 360 and 90 levels of technology have a tinnitus masker inside of them that we can turn up as needed to mask- with white noise- the ringing in your ears. This is very rare that someone needs this. Usually the natural ‘on sound’ will take care of it for you.
What Else Can I Do for My Tinnitus?
Healthy living, daily multi-vitamins, B vitamins, exercise, avoiding fast food and greasy foods, avoiding aspirin and ototoxic drugs and always protecting your ears from loud sounds and doing the best you can to avoid accidents or serious illnesses are the best ways to control, minimize or prevent worse tinnitus.

Hearing Test

How Can I Get My Hearing Tested?
Visit with one of our AXIL Certified Hearing Professionals to have an appointment arranged for you in a hearing clinic in your area, visit us at a tradeshow or local event in your area or visit a local hearing clinic for a free hearing test.
How Often Should I Have My Hearing Tested?
Before 50, every 5-10 years unless you notice problems and then sooner accordingly.

After 50, every five years unless you are having problems and then about every 2 years.

What Will My Hearing Test Tell Me?
Your hearing test will tell you 3 main things in relation to your hearing:

How well you are hearing the different frequencies across the sound spectrum for normal human hearing.

How well your brain is interpreting sounds and speech accurately.

If you have any medical concerns in your ears that need attention.

How Do I Get My Hearing Test to AXIL?
You can scan it or take a picture of it with your phone and email it to us at

Hearing Aids

How Do AXIL Devices Compare with Traditional Hearing Aids?
The Custom Series uses medical grade top of the line hearing aid circuitry and components. These are superior hearing circuits used in $6,000-12,000 hearing aids worldwide- but tailored with the AXIL|SportEAR proprietary hearing protection technology combined in. These can be programmed for any hearing loss and used daily as hearing aids as desired. Most of our customers use these daily as hearing aids as well.

The AXIL products are also geared with the outdoors in mind and give you much more than traditional hearing aids, including better performance in wind, waterproofing, programming specific to hearing in the outdoors, plus the built-in hearing protection to cover you in all your hearing/sound related environments.

Are These Hearing Aids with Protection?
Yes. The Custom Series are high end, top of the line hearing aids with protection and much more specific to outdoor and overall daily use than traditional hearing aids. These are geared for much more active lifestyles.
What if My Hearing Changes? Are These Programmable and Reprogrammable to My Hearing Loss Now & In the Future?
Yes. The Custom Series (not the Digital EAR PRO Series) is fully programmable and re-programmable to your hearing loss needs now and in the future. If your hearing changes at any point in the future, simply get a new hearing test done, send us a copy of the hearing test. We will re-program your AXIL hearing devices to your new hearing test and send them right back to you within a day or two at most.
Can I Use These Everyday as Hearing Aids?
The Custom Series uses medical grade top of the line hearing aid circuitry and components. These are the same circuits used in $6,000-12,000 hearing aids. These can be programmed for any hearing loss and used daily as desired.

The Digital EAR PRO Series is designed for general purposes and not for hearing loss. These do not have the programmability & re-programmability needed for hearing loss. These also do not have the power range needed for hearing loss.

Best Recommendation

What Do We Recommend?
Due to our true Consumer Direct Pricing model, it makes it very easy to recommend that you get the best- if it doesn’t pinch the budget too tight. Otherwise, consider the life of these products are very long and the level of performance you want to have in your ears during that time. Get the best you can comfortably afford and don’t think twice about it. You’ll be happy with the level you’ve selected.
What is Our Most Popular Model?
For professionals or people with mild to severe hearing loss, the Custom 360 is the most popular and the Custom 90 is second to it. This is because these give the best hearing performance of all our products and our consumer direct pricing saves people over 60% off traditional hearing aid prices. Thereby, making it much more affordable to get the absolute top of the line hearing performance.

For everyone else, our new Digital EAR PRO series has made it more affordable than ever for people with normal hearing to be able to get the best digital hearing enhancement and protection for normal situations. The Digital EAR PRO I is more popular for mainstream everyday situations. The Digital EAR PRO II is more popular for true outdoor/hunting/shooting enthusiasts.

What is the Difference Between the Varying Models?
As you increase in price, you will get significantly improved hearing performance in the following areas:

  1. Sound Quality
  2. Power Level
  3. Programmability & Re-programmability
  4. Background Noise Reduction
  5. Whistle/Wind Reduction Technology
What is The Difference Between the 360 and the 90 technology levels?
Either way, you are getting the two very best hearing devices in the AXIL|SportEAR line. As you step from the 90 up to the 360 you will receive significant improvement with the very Best in Class technology in the following areas:

Sound Quality & Clarity

Increased Power Level

Programmability & Re-programmability

Background Noise Reduction

Whistle/Wind Reduction Technology

What is the Difference Between the GhostStryke I and II?
Both models and technology levels are very popular. GhostStryke II will give you very worthwhile improvements in the following areas:

Greater sound quality and clarity

Increased power levels

Background noise reduction

Whistle/wind reduction technology


Are These Noticeable?

The canal hearing devices are best for being small and more out of sight.


Are These Comfortable?
Custom fit products offer the greatest comfort. You can wear these all day without hassle. Sometimes you may need to send in your custom product to have simple adjustments made for the fit.
Will These Stay Secure in My Ear and Not Fall Out?
Custom fit products offer the most secure fit of any product and will hold in your ear no matter how active you may be.


Do These Have Directional Sound or Directional Microphones?
All AXIL products give excellent directional sound enhancement.

In ear products don’t need directional microphones as you use the natural acoustic. Our Behind the ear line offers directional microphones when needed. Most people prefer omni directional sound vs. directional microphones, but we can easily handle whichever is best for you.

Will These Filter Out Background Noise?
Yes. The higher the level of technology the better the background noise reduction technology. This will scan the environment around you and suppress background noise sound patterns making it easier to hear what you need to hear.
Will These Screen Out Wind Noise?
All of our products have the microphones carefully placed for optimal, natural wind reduction, plus we program the digital circuits inside to help suppress wind noise automatically as well. The higher the technology, the better it helps suppress wind noise.
What Are the 4 Memories or Settings on the Push Button?
The button on your device lets you scroll through up to 4 different listening programs. The standard way we program these are as follows:

First memory- Normal daily listening.

Second memory- Reduces Background Noise more than normal.

Third memory- Increases overall volume for TV, meetings, hard to hear environments, extra hearing advantage for your outdoor hearing activities, etc.

Fourth memory- Maximum hearing protection and noise compression.

Simply push the button and you will hear it beep once, twice, three or four times letting you know which memory you are on. Once you hit #4, push the button again and it will scroll back to the first setting. You can also open and close the battery door to reset it back to your first setting as well.

Will These Whistle or Squeal Like a Hearing Aid?
All hearing devices give some whistle of feedback when cupping it in your hand or inserting it in your ear. Today’s technology is excellent for minimizing this whistle and cancelling it out automatically.
Are They Waterproof?
Most of our product line offers a simple upgrade for waterproofing.

Additional Product Specs

What Type of Battery Do These Use?
A Zinc Air Battery- Size 10 or 312- See your instruction manual to know which size your devices use.
How Long Do the Batteries Last?
Batteries last 66 hours for size 10 approximately 5 days  and size 312 76 hours approximately 7 days.
Where Can I Buy Batteries for My AXIL Devices?
From AXIL online at Click Here to Join Our Battery of the Month Club and never hassle with shopping for batteries again.

You can also find them at any grocery store, pharmacy or club mart store or other online outlets.

Are They Rechargeable?
We offer rechargeable devices upon request. However, rechargeable are more expensive and often not worth the hype as you will get better sound quality and overall performance through standard battery operating hearing devices. Rechargeable has never taken off well in the hearing industry.

We recommend these usually only when someone has bad arthritis and lives alone and cannot change the batteries by themselves or when one lives in a retirement home and depends on others for their care.


How Much are These?
Our entire line ranges between $399-$2,699. Compare with this with traditional hearing aid prices (hearing aids that don’t give you anywhere near the features and performance, guarantees and warranties) that cost $4,000-8,000 and even as high as $12,000- if you find yourself so lucky.
How Much Do I Need to Spend?
If you have normal hearing and use these occasionally, choose from our Digital EAR PRO or GhostStryke Series. If you use them more often, then stepping up to the higher models will be worth it if it’s in the budget.

If you have hearing loss, the best advice always is to buy the best the budget allows, to give yourself the best possible hearing you can. We don’t say this lightly and wouldn’t say this at all if our pricing was as high as the hearing industry, but as we have worked hard to create the best value in our Consumer Direct Pricing Model to make top of the line hearing truly affordable for every one suffering from hearing loss, we say this with confidence. Buy the best you can and get all you can out of it.


What if I Need Service or Adjustments?

If adjustments need to be made please contact customer service for future instructions. also the turn around is 3-5 business days.We service tens of thousands of customers this way much more effectively than traditional clinics and much less expensive for long term care as well.

Can My Local Hearing Clinic or Audiologist Program/Service These?
Please contact customer service for future instructions on sending them in the be cleaned.

General Maintenance

How Do I Clean These?
Get a medium bristled tooth brush. Dedicate it to your hearing devices and clean them every morning before putting them in. Vigorously brush off any wax on the device and any hole in the device. See more on this in your instruction manual or our online instructional videos.
What Do I Need to Know About the Batteries for Overall Maintenance?
You can keep up to 6-10 months-worth on hand and still maintain decent freshness.

You can join our Battery Of the Month Club to have fresh batteries sent to you every 90 days automatically. Click here to learn more:

Always open your battery door when you’re not using your devices. This will keep your batteries lasting the longest.


Where Should I Store My Devices?
Your night stand or a cupboard is perfect. Store in dry areas out of reach from children, grand children or pets.

Never store in your bathroom or other humid areas as the humidity will ruin them much faster.

What About Kids, Pets and My Devices?
Keep hearing aids and batteries out of reach of children and pets. If a child or pet swallows a hearing aid battery, call the National Battery Hotline at (202) 625-3333

If your pet swallows your hearing device- Good Luck! Sit back, relax and wait for it to come out the other end! Throw it away and have it replaced on insurance!

How Often Should I Have These Serviced?
Every 18-24 months is good to get them cleaned and tuned up. Please contact customer service for future instructions. also the turn around is 3-5 business days.
How Often Will I Need Repairs on These?
Usually one repair per set every two years is a average rule of thumb.


Where Are These Manufactured?
All custom manufacturing takes place in our state of the art facility in Salt Lake City. All technology is manufactured between ourselves and other US-based technology partners.
How Long Does It Take to Have These Custom Manufactured?
4-5 weeks, once we receive your ear molds/impressions.


What is the Standard Warranty on AXIL Products?
All AXIL|SportEAR products come with a standard one year warranty covering all manufacturing or general repair issues.

All products some with lifetime free cleaning, fine tuning and re-programming of your devices any time you need.

Can I Buy an Extended Warranty on My AXIL Products?
AXIL offers extended warranties on all its electronic products. You can find these in the AXIL shopping cart associated to each specific product.
What Does the Extended Warranty Cover?
You can get extended warranties to cover Parts & Labor and/or Loss & Damage. These are the only two warranties relevant to hearing devices.

If you have Loss & Damage insurance, there will be a small deductible for replacement when filing your insurance. Please read your order for the cost of replacement for your specific model.

What If Something Malfunctions in These?
If something malfunctions, please send it back to us immediately. If it is in warranty, we will cover it and send it back to you. If it is out of warranty, we will let you know before we fix it. Please note, because we own the manufacturing, our repair costs are 1/3 what the industry charges. Our costs generally range from $30 to $100. In the case of complete rebuilds the cost can go higher, but that would be the only time. Average repair in the hearing aid industry would normally cost more than $200 for general repairs.
What if I Break/Damage These?
If something breaks or is damaged, please send it back to us immediately. If you have purchased the extended warranty there will be a deductible. If it is out of warranty, we will let you know before we fix it. Please note, because we own the manufacturing, our repair costs are 1/3 what the industry charges. Our costs generally range from $30 to $100. In the case of complete rebuilds the cost can go higher, but that would be the only time. Average repair in the hearing aid industry would normally cost more than $200 for general repairs.
What If I Lose These?
If you lose one or both of your devices, please let us know immediately. If you are covered under extended warranty all you need to do is pay the deductible. If it is out of yourIf it is out of extended warranty coverage for loss or damage, we will work with you as best as we can to get you a replacement as affordably as possible.


Our One Year Unparalleled Guarantee
Our One Year guarantee is the best in the world. In the off event that our first recommendation is not exactly what you are after call us back and discuss it with your AXIL Certified Hearing Professional.

We manufacturer all types and work with every brand in the world and are committed to taking care of it and getting you the help you need.

We will change out any technology, style, type, make, etc. to make sure you have the right fit and performance for your wants and needs. We will do all this for up to one full year after your purchase, if needed, to demonstrate our full commitment to you and your hearing.

What is Guarantee(s) on These?

Our One Year guarantee is the best in the world. In the off event that our first recommendation is not exactly what you are after call us back and discuss it with your AXIL Certified Hearing Professional.

We manufacturer all types and work with every brand in the world and are committed to taking care of it and getting you the help you need.

We will change out any technology, style, type, make, etc. to make sure you have the right fit and performance for your wants and needs. We will do all this up to one full year after your purchase, if needed, to demonstrate our full commitment to you and your hearing.

Every product also comes with a 30-day guarantee. However, once you commit to hearing better you will be far better off to stick with us and let us get you the right product for your needs in our one year gurantee so you receive the help and attention your hearing needs.



Insurance For Health Product Coverage

Do These Come with Any Insurance Coverage for Repairs, Loss and Damage?
Every AXIL custom product comes with a one year warranty for parts and repair at no cost to you.

You can add an additional Loss & Damage insurance ($300 per device deductible replaces any device lost or broken- no questions asked) & extended warranty on your AXIL devices by simply adding the Extended Warranty Option in the shopping cart.

How Do I Handle Submitting These on Insurance Once I Have a Problem?
All insurance on AXIL products is handled internally. Simply give us a call, let us know what’s happened and we will take care of it with you immediately.

Health Insurance Coverage For Product

Does My Health Insurance Cover These?
Most insurance companies don’t cover hearing aid reimbursement. Please see the list below and call your insurance company to find out if you have any hearing aid benefits.

Feel free to call us and let one of our Hearing Health Professionals help you navigate your insurance benefits. If you do have coverage, we will help or process the billing for you and help handle everything needed to complete the process.

What Are Some Main Insurance Companies that Do Cover Hearing Aids?
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal Covers $2,500 Per Pair of Hearing Aids Every Three Years

Many state and municipal health insurance have some benefits towards hearing aids.

Companies like Teamsters, Railroad companies, mining, elevator companies, etc. usually pay some benefit towards hearing aids.

As every state and plan is different, please call one of our Hearing Health Professionals today and we can help you connect with your insurance company and find out the best information.

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