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AXIL offers the most advanced line of technology-based products to cover all your personal hearing and audio needs. AXIL introduces the most revolutionary concept for personal sound by combining the best of hearing and audio technologies into technology platforms allowing hybrid technology to deliver all the needs you have for your ears in single product devices. You can mix and match from our technologies as you need, according to the product and applications you need.

Our Products are powered by our Axil Core Digital Signal Processor. Click here to read more about our Core Audio Technology

Hearing Enhancement & Protection

Ghost Stryke Series

100% Digital In-Ear Silencer & Enhancer™ gives you an ultra small, light-weight solution for your Digital Hearing Enhancement & Protection needs.

Digital Ear Series

Introducing Our Most Affordable, Custom Fit, 100% Digital Hearing Enhancement & Protection Line Ever

Custom Edge Series

The Edge Series of Digital Hearing Enhancement & Hearing Protection gives you the most advanced hearing and sound quality available. Full Surround Sound for any professional or recreational hearing environment

TRACKR™ Earmuffs

Trackr™ Electronic Ear muffs give you the most compact design for comfort and size for all your environments where you need to hear and protect your hearing at the same time. Clear, smooth sound enhancement let’s you hear what you

Listening Devices & Hearing Aids

Open Ear / Behind Ear

Clear Flex™ I Is Our Most Affordable, Behind the Ear, 100% Digital Hearing Enhancement & Protection. Experience clear and natural sound/hearing enhancement with this little Open Ear/Behind the Ear device.

Custom Hearing Aids

Clear Flex™ III offers you clear and natural Open Ear hearing for all of your life’s activities. Excellent for daily wear in any environment to give you back the hearing you need today. Super simple and easy to operate and handle.